01. Newsletter 02.01.2022

Our first appointment.Hello there! How are you?
Here we are – our first newsletter appointment of 2023. I’m excited!

A lot happened during Jan 2023. I said goodbye to my family and friends. I left my house. I left the city that had accepted me for the past 3 years. I moved to another country. And beyond all of this stuff, I’m happy and grateful. ✈️

My motto has been: Take what life gives you and make it work in a positive way.


Life gave me a Gladiator (I didn’t know this car. They don’t sell it in Europe, I believe. It’s freaking huge). 

First thought: what the f°ck?
Little digression: I don’t drive. I have a driver’s license, but I never drove. Even when I had a little 600 Fiat class ’99

Let’s compare them:

I mean. You see the difference.

First of all: I’m not even able to get in the car. I literally need to climb. Or jump.
Second of all: in Rhode Island, you drive, or your better lie on your bed. Alone. Without the ice cream because you can’t drive to the supermarket to get your miserable ice cream.

Long story short: I drove the car. Jeez. 
(ok, ok. I drove it in an empty park lot.)

I took what life gave me. And I made something positive with it. What’s next? Driving our little monster on American routes. Lesssgooooo!
And that’s all for today from me! Let’s jump into the juicy stuff:

Podcast suggestions.

Let’s start with a HUGE revelation: Ed Mylett.
I knew nothing about him or his podcast. I came across a reel on Instagram showing the best Growth Podcast and that’s how I started listening to him.

He describes his podcast like this:

The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership.

The only thing I don’t really appreciate about his podcast is the length. I prefer listening to shorter podcasts but there are 2 reasons why I should not complain about this. The first one is that I talk a lot too. The second reason is that every episode shares great value.

👉So, the 2 episodes that I suggest you are

1. How to have a life you don’t need a vacation from: this one resonates with me. A lot. Working in the Digital sector and having just opened my side hustle, I’m the person that’s interested in this kinda topic.
If this resonates with you answer this email with your thoughts!

2. Overcome fear & Build Confidence: ok, ok. In Jan 2023 I overcame my 2 biggest fears (exposing myself to others’ judgment and drive). I would lie telling you that this episode give me the fuel to overcome my fears. Actually, I did that on my own. I believe that you need to start from the inside. But this episode is gonna give you the right inspiration!

Thank you for being there with me today. And remember to set your goals for February! Here you can find mine. Or if you want to see the video it’s here.

See you here in March! Ciao belli!