Goals and Habits February 2023

goals february 2023

Hello hello! How are you doing with your monthly and long-term goals?
In January I accomplished most of my goals and now I’m ready to plan my February 2023.

As you know from my previous article or video you know that I divide every goal into categories and this year I also started using Notion again, just to keep it simple to check. So let’s dive into my goals for February 2023!

Goals February 2023

Category: Emotions
-Wake up early twice a week: this is a goal that I haven’t accomplished in Jan, so I’ll try to do it in Feb
-Start 1 book about Personal Growth
-Have a better sleep: here I’m not sleeping that well. The habit that I want to implement is: 0 devices 1 hour before sleeping

Category: Finances
-Have a Credit Card
-Understand how to build credit in the US: and if you know something about it please let me know in the comments!

Category: Health
-Do Yoga twice a week
-Try to lose some fat *I’m not on a diet. I only have more fat than muscles
-an Habit that I want to implement is: 1 day without sugar every week
-Going for a walk 1 a week: we found an incredible place to walk here in Providence!

Category: Work
I’m still keeping it simple. That’s why the only goal that I have is something that I haven’t achieved in Jan
-Plan coffees with people that I know here to expand my network

Category: Random
-Look for the classes I want to subscribe to (pottery, dance…)
-Travel to Florida
-Learn the basics of home design *we found a home!!!


I know that you can keep up with your goals. If you need some motivation write in the comments and I’ll hype you!
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Ciao belli!

Ps: if you want to try Notion, that’s the tool that I use, you can log in here.

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