Hi! My name is Giulia,

My nature is talking a lot. Sometimes I write. Here you can read me.

I would like to tell you that I’m 27, that I believe in honesty and that everything I do is led by organization. Everything except The Unplanned Project.

The truth is that you, here, expect to know what you can find in The Unplanned Project. And probably something funny about me. Am I right? Let’s dig into that.

I planned to be unplanned: the origins.

My mind is a mess. A funny mess. Like a basket full of clothes: in different sizes, colors and materials. Something is dirty. Something is there just because “probably I used it once, let’s wash it”.

I plan to keep everything in order. I give myself rules to be able to break them, whenever I want. And the first rule that I broke with this project was: doing it, without being afraid of what others may think. This is not the very first website that I build on my own. Not the first blog. But this is the first time that I say: hey, it’s me!

So The Unplanned Project is an exercise, it’s the place where I don’t want to have rules (or, at least, I try). I like to blog about the stuff I’m interested in. And if you’re here, you’ll probably find something interesting too.

Can we?

Can we have a moment to appreciate all the people born without a specific talent and who enjoy testing and trying new things? 
Can we learn to do things, being wrong, being right, being just us?
Can we trust the process, giving the right space to everything interesting for us to try, even if for once?

Can’t I?

I can’t say what you’re going to find here.
I can’t tell you that there’s a clear path behind The Unplanned Project.
I can’t tell you what’s going to happen here.
I don’t even want to.

The only thing that you’re going to read is: thoughts.
And in the future, this is going to change. Probably.

Let’s feed your curiosity, if you have any – you probably don’t.

-I have a strong inclination for everything related to organization, starting with bullet points. Even short sentences attract me with ardor, perhaps too much? 

-I have a strong vocation for travel. I plan, organize and schedule every trip in detail. Even if I like to change plans. 

-I’m Italian. I lived in a bunch of different cities in northern Italy, India and Colombia. Now I’m based in Rhode Island, US.

-I’m from Veneto, but I can’t handle the spritz. And yes, I have a strong Venetian accent.

-I am always enthusiastic. One hundred and fourteen ideas fly through my head every minute. I change my mind easily. I love trying new things. I think I’m a multi-potential person. I wrote an article about it.

-I was born shy, I spoke little and listened a lot.

– I worked in a bookshop while studying at University and working part-time as an artist’s assistant (that’s no longer an artist). I co-founded a cultural association (that no longer exists) and worked as a copywriter for an online newspaper (that no longer exists). A lot of failures came in with new projects. It was fun.

-I always loved communication: I used to listen a lot and I learned to understand how people communicate. I started reading and writing diaries when I was little. At 12 I subscribed to Facebook and YouTube and discovered another way to communicate. And I loved it.

-It’s easy for me to get obsessed with new things. For a couple of something (days? years? weeks?).

-Digital quickly became my job: I graduated in Art History and then I became an SEO specialist, a Content Manager bla bla bla. In the end, I left my job as a Head of Communications in Italy to start everything from blanket in the US. Here we are.

-English is not my mother tongue. I’ll make mistakes, that’s ok. If you’d like to correct me, please do it.

-Spoiler: I rewrote this page about 25 times.

-AH! I have a YouTube channel, here’s the link to the video presentation 🙂

Let’s get in touch – only if you want.

If you have quick advice or if you want to share your thoughts, please comment on this blog’s articles. I’ll read every comment.

If you have longer or more personal messages you can email me at giulia@theunplannedproject.com. I won’t answer every one, but I’ll appreciate the time you spent emailing me. It’s a true act of trust.