Jan 2023: Habits and Goals

goals jan 2023

Some time ago I shared my very personal and obsessed way to achieve my yearly resolutions (check the article here).
Let’s sum up:
-I think about the past year and check the past goals
-I divide the new year goals into 5 categories
-I write down all the goals and the habits or tasks I want to implement

[Disclaimer: this is a “work-in-progress” article all the updates will be written like this]

And once in a while, I check every month. I should do it monthly but….I don’t. I try to divide every long-term goal into short-term ones, to track my path.

So let’s start the first month of the year right! Here’s my Jan path:

-Category: emotions
I want to find my balance in the US.
Maintaining my morning routine every day. Update: Done!
Wake up early twice a week. Update: still to do!
Live the process. Don’t rush. Update: Done!

-Category: work
Looking for a job
-Apply to 2 job positions/week. Update: Done!
-Have 1 interview. Update: Done!
-Take it easy: take 1 day off look for a job. Update: Done!
-Create a network: plan a coffee date with all the people I met online that live around Boston, Providence and NY. Update: still to do!

-Category: health
Create a routine in the US.
Habits and tasks:
-Learning where and what to buy. Update: Done!
-Try the farm market once. Update: Done!
-Cooking mostly at home. Update: Done!
-Going for a walk once a week. Update: still to do!
-Be aware of my posture. Update: Done!

-Try the gym once. Update: Done!

-Category: finances
Learning how much I want and can earn or invest in the US.
-Take it easy. This is gonna be a slow process. Update: Done!

-Category: random
I really want to keep in contact with the people I love that are in Italy.  Update: Done!

Habit: Having the habit of video calling who’s at home, I’m going to create a calendar with all the people I want to be in contact with and the days when I should call them. Update: still to do!

Jan 2023 is going to be a changing one: I know that my goals, habits and tasks are not “goal-oriented” or 100% SMART but that’s ok. The main point of this new start is living my new start.

In this category I need to add one HUGE thing: I decided to open my YouTube Channel. Check it out.

Ciao belli!
Ps: if you want to try Notion, that’s the tool that I use, you can log in here.

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