Goals and Habits March 2023

goals march 2023

Ciao belli! February is coming to an end. I loved this month, it was full of new things and opportunities. Some bad moments. But on average it was great.

As you know from my previous article or video you know that I divide every goal into categories and I check my yearly goals every month. So let’s dive into my goals for March 2023!

Things about February.

-Through YouTube, I got the chance to help a very sweet and intelligent young woman with an assignment regarding Italian culture. What a blessing!
-I made a couple of friends and I also reconnected with an old friend here in the USA
-We tried our first pizza. I cried. It was Italian.
-I started working as Shop Assistant!
-We started designing our next apartment and buying furniture!

In general, in February I accomplished what I wanted. But there’s a thing that I am not able to do: lose some fat. Is not about the weight or something, is just because I feel that my body can be healthier. In general, I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to this specific point I am not able to make it work.

You know that I’m really passionate about Habits. I have 2 habits that I’m not able to erase: eating sweets and eating something else instead of sweets. I’m a foodie. I love food, I have always loved it. So I am trying to implement new Habits in my life, like small challenges, the 1% that Atomic Habits talks about: avoiding sugar for 1 day a week. I’m trying to do that since November and I feel that March is going to be my month.

Goals March 2023

Category: Emotions
-Meditating outside

Category: Finances
-Understanding how to budget

Category: Health
-Try to lose some fat (means: working out 3 times a week)
-an Habit that I want to implement is: 1 day without sugar every week

Category: Work
I’m still keeping it simple. Also, I found a part-time job as a shop assistant in February so I’m not in a rush.
-Having at least 3 job interviews

Category: Random
-Plan 1 trip
-Plan 1 trip
-Moving into the new apartment

That’s all for today! If you want you can share with me your goals for March 2023 in the comments down below ­čÖé

Ciao belli!

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