April Goals

april goal planning

So, March was crazy and unexpected. March was out of control.

I was not able to plan this month as much as I would have liked but that’s ok. It gave me the time and the mental mood to try and accept new things and challenges and….we went to Florida (completely unplanned travel) and I started working full time!

Goals April 2023

Category: Emotions
-Call mom once a week during lunch
-Call grandma once a week while commuting to work
-1 Day without screens a week
-Listening to Personal Growth Podcast once a week while commuting to work

Category: Finances
-Understanding how to budget

Category: Health
-Try to lose some fat (means: actually doing it)
-an Habit that I want to implement is: 1 day without sugar every week. Still struggling with this one
-walking outside once a week
-Lunch outside once a week
-Working out in the gym once a week

Category: Work
We have nothing for April. I just started working and I want to keep it simple

Category: Random
-Plan the trip to Canada
-Finding a dancing class
-Moving into the new apartment

That’s all for today! If you want you can share with me your goals for April 2023 in the comments down below!

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